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Greetings!Welcome to another Blue Ribbon Flies weekly newsletter. Thanks for tuning in. Settle in and we'll tell you what's happening around West Yellowstone and our other favorite spots, show you the fly and the material of the week, and tempt you to plan your next trip with us. Hope you're enjoying the new year, doing some fishing, tying up some flies, and starting to think about your 2011 trip to Yellowstone country. Take a break from work or play, grab a cup of coffee, and pretend you're leaning on the counter here at Blue Ribbon Flies. We wish you were here, but until you are we'll keep you in the loop. Thanks for stopping by. Cam, Bucky, Jackie and Craig hope to talk with you all soon. And, our own Minori has moved on to Bozeman. She and her husband Rick have had enough of our long winters! Minori will be missed by us for her enthusiasm, big smile, fly tying skills, and fishing knowledge. She spent as much time on area waters as anyone we know, a serious student of Yellowstone waters. Good Luck Minori, and thanks for your years of service her at BRF!!! 2011年3月31日


 新しい仕事は、全米のフライショップのロゴをベースボールキャップやフィッシングシャツにいれる部署。アメリカにはこんなにたくさんのフライショップがあったのだとびっくりしています。今日は14年前はじめてアメリカ ワシントン州に釣りにきたときに訪れた Creek Sideのベースボールキャップを仕上げました。初めてのアメリカ釣行だったのもあって、お守り代わりにずっとしばらくこのお店のベースボールキャップをかぶって釣りをしていました。そう思うと、このベースボールキャップをかぶっていい釣りができますようにと心がこもります。